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  • Writer's pictureLaurence Lewis

The second quarter of the year marked a high level of activity, despite changing market conditions tied mostly to the geopolitical situation. The team at YPI CREW has demonstrated remarkable adaptability and agility to assist our clients with their recruitment needs.

The demand for crew has dipped slightly due to the evolving landscape surrounding sanction regimes and compliance requirements as well as due to our past recruitment efforts in filling numerous crew rotational jobs. This has indeed led to increased crew retention for those concerned as satisfied crew chose to remain in their jobs for an extended period. This is undoubtedly positive news for the industry and for clients who invest in a rotational strategy for senior crew.

The brokerage market slowdown in Q1 has also had an impact on crew movements in Q2 as a sale normally creates new job opportunities.

Record Number of New Crew Registrations

There was a tidal wave of new crew registrations, over 7000 new crew signed up in Q1 and Q2 which is unprecedented and a sign that our industry remains attractive to the new generation. Meeting the demands of this remarkable surge efficiently presented its own challenges, prompting us to proactively ready ourselves for the upcoming season through strategic enhancements.

Assisting With the Mapping of the Oceans

Recognizing the importance of understanding our oceans and the scientific significance it carries, YPI CREW has partnered with the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) to promote the ocean mapping mission within the yachting industry.

As of May 2023, more than 70% of the seafloor remains unmapped, presenting a significant knowledge gap. The IHO, in collaboration with Seabed 2030, aims to address this issue by engaging vessels, including yachts, to collect depth measurements using standard navigation instruments. Interestingly, popular cruising regions such as Greek waters, Turkish territories, and the Caribbean are still unmapped and these are precisely the areas the yachting industry can help map. Find out how you can help.

Further Reinforcements Within the YPI CREW Team

We also further expanded our workforce with the employment of two additional team members and the creation of a new position in the company, that of an Operations and Project Coordinator, a position held by Chloe Collet. This reflects our positive outlook for the future and our continued commitment to growth.

Our Interior Department has also recently been reinforced, solidifying our team with exceptional talent. Leading the department is the brilliant Helen Papamichael, a renowned expert in the recruitment of superyacht Chefs, assisted by Kasia Blaszczak, our dedicated Chef Recruitment Coordinator.

Alongside Helen, we have the talented Louise Overend, who leads our Stew recruitment team and manages all Purser, Head of Interior and senior Stew roles along with diligent ex-Chief Stew Annabelle Huvelin. Taking care of the mid-level, junior and specialist roles are the dynamic duo, Anita Lukas and Maria Fourre, assisted by Angelina Capdeviolle, our energetic Stew Recruitment Coordinator.

As July is well underway, it's time for us to unwind and express gratitude to the resourceful and clever women of YPI CREW, now preparing for a well-deserved celebration at Vidaa – Moulin de Mougins. With a successful Q2 behind us, we are confident in the industry's resilience and our dedication to excellence in the quarters to come.

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