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Begin Your Yachting Career: Step-by-Step Guide

Starting out as a new crew member in the superyacht industry can be both an exciting and challenging experience. For many, it marks the beginning of a unique career path. However, taking that first step into this industry often presents its own set of challenges. Navigating through the complexities of job searching, understanding the industry's standards, and equipping yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge can be overwhelming.


Recognising these hurdles, we have compiled a comprehensive set of resources designed to guide you through your job search. From detailed insights into the industry's workings to practical tips on securing your first position, our aim is to provide support and information to help you embark on this exciting new chapter of your career.

Roles Found On Board Superyachts

In the world of superyachts, each crew member plays a vital role in creating an exceptional experience for the guests. The deck crew, including the Captain, Officers, Bosun and Deckhands, work hard on ensuring safe navigation and immaculate presentation. The interior crew, with roles ranging from the Chef to the Stews, focus on providing top-tier hospitality, from culinary innovations to meticulous housekeeping and guest services. Meanwhile, the Engineering Department, headed by the Chief Engineer, ensures the yacht's operational integrity, maintaining all mechanical and electronic systems. Together, these roles form a highly skilled and dedicated team, each contributing their expertise to create a seamless, luxurious, and safe journey for all on board.

Deck Department

The deck crew, led by the Captain, is essential for the overall management and smooth operation of the superyacht. While the Captain holds the pivotal role of overseeing the entire yacht’s operations, the Officers, Bosun, and Deckhands handle specific tasks like vessel maintenance, navigation and safety procedures. Below you can have a closer look at the responsibilities of each of the deck crew roles.

Yacht Captain

Chief Officer

Second Officer

Third Officer



Engineering Department

The engineering department is critical for the operational integrity of the yacht. Led by the Chief Engineer, this team, including Engineers, ETOs and AV/IT specialists, manages and maintains all mechanical and electronic systems onboard. This department's attention to detail and proactive problem-solving approach are crucial in maintaining the safety and high-end experience that are the norm in the superyacht industry.

Chief Engineer


AV/IT Officer


Interior Department

The interior crew crafts an atmosphere of bespoke luxury. This team, which includes roles such as the Chef, Purser, Chief Stew and Stew positions, is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating a comfortable ambiance. Their attention to detail, from culinary innovation to impeccable housekeeping, defines the essence of the superyacht experience.

Yacht Chef


Chief Stew

Head of Service

Head of Housekeeping


Spa Manager

Spa Therapist


Personal Trainer


Meet Yacht Crew from the Industry

Meet the fellow superyacht crew — dive into their stories, gain insights into the day-to-day realities of life at sea and learn from the experiences of those who have made a career in the world of yachting.

Meet Experienced Superyacht Captain Ty Falkenstein

Chef Manos Shares Insights Into the Life of a Yacht Chef

Meet Superyacht Chief Officer Tristan Najbicz

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