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Yacht Crew Jobs: How to Secure Your Ideal Yachting Role?

Find a job onboard a yacht or superyacht

Working with a yacht crew recruitment agency like YPI CREW offers direct contact with experienced recruiters, access to exclusive job opportunities, personalised job search support, and professional assistance in creating a tailored CV, making the job search process easier and more efficient. As recruiters, we understand the importance of finding the right crew member for each position. This is why we don’t advertise every open position on our website. Instead, we ask that you create a YPI CREW profile so our recruiters can contact you directly when a suitable position becomes available.
If you need any help with creating your CV, have a look at our guide through writing a memorable CV and download one of our free editable CV templates designed specifically for the yachting industry.

Follow these steps to finding your next yacht job:

  1. Log in or register with YPI CREW 

  2. Upload your CV and professional certificates, ensuring all of your information is valid and up-to-date 

  3. Send a direct message to our recruiters to introduce yourself by clicking the ‘Check in’ button on your profile 

  4. Check in regularly throughout your job search to keep your profile up to date





Let’s get started. Call us on +33 (0)4 92 90 46 10 or email us.

Yacht crew positions currently in demand

The positions below cover a wide range of roles and responsibilities currently in demand and are suitable for a variety of skill levels. Browse through the list to find the job that best matches your qualifications and interests. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and more positions may become available. Register with YPI CREW to get informed about the open positions.

Deck crew yacht jobs

This month we are looking for the following Deck crew:​

  • Deckhands with a full season experience and water-sports skills

  • Deckhand with Dive Master/Instructors, for dual season vessel

  • Deckhands with sailing experience

  • Chase Boat Drivers with a Yachtmaster Certificate

  • Deck crew with added skills such as watersports, kitesurfing, carpentry, drone videography etc.

  • Deck crew with Personal Trainer qualifications to join a world-cruising vessel

  • Chief Officers in the 40-60 meter range for non-rotational contracts

  • Chief Officers and 2nd Officers for non-rotational contracts

  • Captains for Motor Yachts up to 40m range

  • Captain teams for either motor or sailing yachts under 40 meter range

Engineering crew yacht jobs

This month we are looking for the following Engineering yacht crew:

  • Temp engineers from AEC – Y1

  • Y3/EOOW/SV permanent and rotational 2nd engineers

  • AEC+ candidates with good mechanical, electrical and/or AV/IT skills

  • Experience sole engineers from AEC-Y3 for permanent positions

  • Y1/Y2 or Class I/Class II Yacht experienced Chief and 2nd engineers for rotational positions

  • Candidates holding B1 visas

Interior crew yacht jobs

This month we are looking for the following Interior crew:

  • Experienced stews for a range of yacht sizes and programs, both charter and private.

  • Stews Hairdressers for a 140m private

  • Certified Nurses with yachting experience

  • Stews nail technicians/Hairdressers for a private yacht

  • Experienced Housekeepers

  • 2nd Stews with strong service skills for yachts between 35m - 55m

  • 2nd Stews in the 65-70m range, private yachts with nice family programs.

  • Single and Dual season Med based.

  • Service stews with 1-3 years of experience

  • Stew/cook for a 30m range

  • Massage and Spa Therapists with yachting experience

  • Spa Therapists with Madero therapy

  • Chief Stews for 60 -150m, private, charter, single, and dual season and rotations

  • Pursers with 2-3 years in the role on board 100m+ new builds with rotation

  • Summer temp positions for Pursers on 80-100m+ yachts

  • Interior Manager on board 100m+ new builds, to start in the next few weeks, one still in build and one freshly launched. Rotations are on offer.

  • Head of Service position for a couple on a 100m+ offering time for time

  • 80m charter looking for a Male, offering equal rotation

  • Lead Service on a high profile 140m+ for an experienced Service Stew

To be considered for any of the positions log in to your YPI CREW profile or register with us and complete your online profile. From there you can check in with our recruiters directly by clicking the ‘Check in’ option on your profile. The recruiters read the check-ins daily and will be in touch with you as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

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Login or register with YPI CREW

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Upload your CV and info

Ensure all of your information is up to date so we have everything to land you a new job.

Send a message to our recruiters

Regularly check in with us by clicking the 'Check in' option on your profile.

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