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  • Writer's pictureCatherine Schantz

At YPI CREW, we are dedicated to welcoming new generations in discovering yachting, whilst also helping seasoned crew to advance their career and develop their talents. This commitment begins the moment you walk through our doors, with our warm-welcoming and highly-knowledgeable receptionist/office manager, Catherine Schantz, being your very first point of contact. We invest time in assisting you even though the great majority of jobs we recruit for are for experienced crew, we are not magicians and can not create jobs from nowhere, we will however do our best to help you along the way.

Catherine is here to guide all of our candidates on their yachting career journey, offering advice and support from the start. With her commitment to your success, Catherine has curated a set of tips for those visiting a yacht crew recruitment agency for the first time.

These insights are designed to help you navigate the process smoothly, enhance your prospects and establish a strong foundation for your future in yachting.

Our Role in Your Journey

We see our relationship with you as a partnership built on trust. We're dedicated to investing our time in shaping your future and we understand the challenges of starting a new career, particularly in a new country.

Our role extends beyond just placing you in a job - we're here to offer advice, guidance and support as you search for a permanent position in the yachting industry.

Your Role in Your Journey

As a part of this partnership, we expect some things from you too. Here are some ways you can enhance your prospects and maintain professionalism:

Regular Check-ins: Make sure to check in via your YPI CREW profile once a week, not more. This is the ultimate way to get the recruiter's attention so please do not check in daily. Checking in once a week is the best way to allow the recruiters to help you.

Profile Updates: Consistently update your profile whenever you get new daywork, certifications, or references, even during the off-season. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have an up-to-date profile; it makes such a difference.

CV Presentation: We recommend using a clear, easy-to-read CV format. Avoid using white text on a color block, as it's difficult to read and avoid using too many graphic elements. Simple and easy is the key! You are welcome to use our free CV templates you can find on our website.

Visiting Our Agency

While we're delighted to receive walk-ins, please note that we can only accommodate these visits in the mornings. Also, as Mondays tend to be particularly busy, we'd suggest choosing another day for your visit.

To make your visit productive and respectful to others, here's what we ask:

Before Your Visit: Create your profile and upload your CV, STCW, and medical records online before coming to our office. Looking for work is a serious thing and without this documentation, we won't be able to assist you.

Presentation & Etiquette: Please remove your cap, sunglasses, earphones and hoodie when entering the office. You are coming for a job interview so dress the part. Maintain a respectful volume when interacting with others. Avoid slumping on the sofa in the waiting room. A little etiquette goes a long way!

Don't forget to greet: A simple 'good morning' when you enter and a 'goodbye' when you leave can make a big difference.

Visits Frequency: While we love seeing you, we need to limit your visits to once during the season. This allows us to balance our time between walk-ins and the increasing volume of online registrations.

Our aim is to help you navigate this exciting industry and support you in starting your career on the right foot. Remember, patience is key, especially during the early stages of your career. Together, we can make your journey in the yachting industry a successful one!

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