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Navigating the Yacht Crew Scene: Top Yacht Crew Hubs to Know

Yacht hubs around the world you should know about





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Traditionally, there are a few towns around the world that are known as the yachting hubs. These are places with large ports for superyachts and it’s where yacht crew, yacht crew recruitment agencies and other yachting related businesses base around.


Chances are that you might be based in one of these while working onboard a yacht but these are also places where people who are looking for work on board a yacht come to increase their chances of finding a job. At any given time of the year these places are known to be a home to yacht crew and a place where you are likely to meet other crew members.

Antibes, France, Mediterrnean, Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes, Nice yacht crew huba

Antibes is a small town in the South of France, nestled between Cannes and Nice. It’s the largest yachting hub in the Mediterranean and is also the home of YPI CREW and the famous superyacht port Vauban.


A very good thing about Antibes is that its location allows you to easily travel and explore the entire area between St. Tropez and Monaco.


If you are looking for your first yachting job and are coming to Antibes, we recommend to stay in one of the crew houses, where you can connect with other crew members.


Popular places where you will always find yacht crew include The Blue Lady, Hop Store and The Drinkers Club.


If you are looking for work, be sure to stop by our YPI CREW office that is located at 6 Avenue de la Liberation.

Antibes, France

Fort Lauderdale USA yacht crew hub

This is the main yachting hub for most of U.S. yacht crew and a home to many. Here, you encounter flocks of yachties enjoying the many bars and restaurants the city has to offer.


Fort Lauderdale is a hive of yachting activity. Equipped with superyacht marinas and shipyards, training facilities and yachting industry vendors and businesses, this is undisputedly the yachting capital of the United States.


To connect with crew and meet some friends in the industry, head out to Tap 42 — a local spot for a lot of yachties to hang out — which is conveniently near to a lot of crew houses in the area.


Located close to Lauderdale harbours, Waxy O’Connors is another yacht crew’s favourite and often a first stop after a long Atlantic crossing.

Boatyard is also a good yacht crew place, a very beautiful waterside restaurant where yacht crew often enjoy a good meal and drink combo.

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Mediterranean yacht crew hub

Palma is the capital city of the Spanish island of Mallorca, known for its turquoise waters and its beautiful historic quarter that is marked by the iconic Santa Maria cathedral.

The city has a great vibe, which attracts yacht owners and crew alike. It is favoured by many yacht crew, who have fallen for the city’s charm and even made it their home by settling and buying properties there.

If you find yourself here and want to connect with other yacht crew, some of the more popular yacht crew bars in the area include The Corner Bar, Cuba Bar and Havana Bar.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

West Palm Beach, USA yacht crew hub

West Palm Beach is the home of the famous Rybovich marina, voted by many yacht crew as one of the best equipped marinas in the world. Crew often spend long stints here between seasons for shipyard periods, and there is a thriving culture that makes working here an adventure.

If your yacht is berthed here, you will have access to the crew area equipped with BBQ’s, dart boards, a pool table, table tennis, game consoles, a 24/7 access fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool, sun loungers, a cosy fire pit and free WIFI.


Outside the marina, West Palm Beach offers a rich nightlife with plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes. Nearby you can also find good hiking options and parks. Okeeheelee Park features water skiing lakes, a BMX track, a 27-hole championship level golf course, a fitness trail, ball fields, soccer fields, an equestrian centre, mountain bike trails etc.

West Palm Beach, USA

Barcelona, Spain, Mediterranean yacht crew hub

Most seasoned crew are familiar with Barcelona and its famous superyacht port, Marina Port Vell, located in the heart of the Barceloneta Area.


It’s a vibrant city with many things to see and explore and tons of options for things to do. There are tons of different neighbourhoods, each of them with different vibe and things to offer.


The official languages of the city are Catalan and Spanish but Barcelona is a multi-cultural city so most places will understand English.


Something to be very aware of when visiting Barcelona is that there is a lot of mugging that happens here so always keep your belongings safe and never keep your phone on the table in a bar or a restaurant.


There are amazing opportunities to socialise and develop in Spain’s vibrant yachting hub. To enable yacht crew to connect with each other, Marina Port Vell often organises yacht crew activities such as yoga classes, social crew events, training sessions and captain’s meetings and seminars.

Barcelona, Spain

An independent Commonwealth country, Antigua and Barbuda is made up of its 2 namesake islands and several smaller ones. The island of Antigua is a known yachting hub and is surrounded by an island ringed with coral reefs and many sandy beaches.

The big season for Antigua is the winter — from late November through February. 


Favoured bars where you will find yacht crew include Lucky Eddi's, Mad Mongoose and Bar-B's at the Antigua Yacht Club.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean

Discover world known yachting hubs, with large ports for superyachts where yacht crew, recruitment agencies, and other yachting-related businesses are located.

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