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Is working onboard a yacht right for me





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There is a lot of positives to being a yacht crew member. The role allows for extensive travel and opportunities to meet a range of people and form lifelong friendships. The financial incentives are also considerable, with generous packages coupled with minimal daily expenses, thanks to on-board accommodation. 


However, it's crucial to understand that a career in yachting is not merely a job; it's a comprehensive lifestyle choice that's not necessarily suitable for everyone. The industry thrives on providing exceptional experiences for yacht owners and guests. As a crew member, you're at the forefront of this challenge. The work is demanding, requiring a strong commitment to teamwork and a relentless focus on guest satisfaction. Crew members must adapt to confined living quarters and limited personal time, trading some of their privacy and solitude for the unique experiences the job provides.

Excelling in this high-paced, luxurious environment requires a specialized set of skills and a willingness to fully embrace the lifestyle. If you possess the qualities necessary to thrive under these conditions, the opportunities for career advancement are extensive. Whether you aspire to be a deckhand, engineer, chef, or even a captain, your hard work and dedication can lead to a rewarding, long-term career on the world's most prestigious yachts.

To help you decide if yachting career might be a good option for you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Can I excel in a fast-paced working environment?

Make no mistake working on a Superyacht is hard work. Although it may seem like fun, Superyacht crew work long hours, ensuring that every aspect of the yacht experience meets the highest standards of luxury and attention to detail. 

The rewards of a career working in the superyacht industry are certainly extraordinary, but you must have resilience and a strong work ethic to excel.

Am I happy living away from home?

One of the really good benefits of working onboard yachts is that you will get to travel and see many different places. While that sounds very appealing, you need to be ok with being away from home for months at a time and often missing out on important family events and big holidays.

This can certainly be a challenge for those who are not used to being away from home for long stints. It is important to consider how prepared you are for life at sea, and if you are ready to demonstrate a high level of dedication.

Am I good at taking direction from others?

In yachting, hierarchy is very important. You need to be good at taking direction from other people whilst keeping a positive attitude. The main goal is to make sure the yacht operates smoothly, and the guests have a great experience during their time onboard.


To achieve that, you need to be very flexible in taking on any tasks that your senior crew member gives you, following them through to the best of your ability. You must be prepared to adapt to all scenarios and challenges that may arise, and be part of a team that ensures the seamless operation of the yacht

Can I deal with living in cramped conditions?

The crew cabins can be on the small side and you will be sharing with fellow crew mates. Superyacht crew live, work and socialise together so finding a quiet corner can be difficult.

Working onboard a yacht is a very rewarding job and a dream career for many but not everyone is cut out to handle its unique aspects.

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