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YPI CREW, the leading superyacht crew recruitment agency, is proud to announce the release of its 2024 Superyacht Recruitment Market Report. This comprehensive analysis provides insights into the dynamic yachting industry, offering an in-depth look at the latest trends and essential data that are shaping superyacht crew recruitment.

The 2024 market report delves into various key areas affecting the yacht crew market, such as yacht sizes, private vs. charter segment and the new build market. In addition to that we provide an overview of recruitment trends across the entire market and within individual crew departments, detailing salary and leave packages for each.

Laurence Lewis, President of YPI CREW, emphasises, "As the industry grows, YPI CREW remains ideally positioned to help our clients find the appropriate talent for their yachts. With over two decades of industry experience and vast networks, our recruiters serve as trusted partners in aligning top crew members with leading yachts globally. This report is instrumental for yacht owners, Captains and industry stakeholders aiming to understand the currents shaping our industry today."

Key trends in superyacht crew recruitment

The trends in 2024 are focusing on competitive compensation, work-life balance, the critical role of soft skills and a growing commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. These trends not only define the current market but also set the stage for the future of yachting.

  • Offering Competitive Compensation Packages

Salaries and leave packages remain a crucial factor in attracting skilled crew members. Highly qualified crew are seeking packages that accurately reflect their expertise, certifications and the value they bring to their roles onboard.

  • Preference for Work-Life Balance

The desire for a better work-life balance continues to be prevalent among superyacht crew. This includes preferences for rotational positions that allow for scheduled time off, as well as yachts with itineraries that offer a good mix of guest-on and guest-off periods. Employers are responding by adjusting leave schedules and offering more flexible contracts to attract and retain top talent.

  • Emphasis on Soft Skills

While technical prowess remains crucial, there's a growing recognition of the importance of soft skills. Attributes such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability are increasingly emphasised during the recruitment process, reflecting the collaborative nature of yacht crew work and the premium placed on guest experience.

  • Underscoring Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, conversations are developing around sustainable practices. This includes expertise in managing waste, reducing emissions and operating advanced environmental technology on board.

Download the full YPI CREW Recruitment Market Report here:

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