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Louise Overend

Team Leader - Interior Recruitment Specialist

“I feel a real affinity with people in yachting, people who love adventure and stepping out of their comfort zone, who are ready to pack a bag and travel across the world to get a job on board a superyacht. It’s very rewarding to make a difference in someone’s life and help them land their dream role. Calling a successful candidate and hearing their reaction to good news is the highlight of my day.”

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Louise Overend, Interior Recruitment Specialist, YPI CREW Yacht Crew Agency

Louise’s background is in Finance and Human Resources but as much as she loves numbers and spreadsheets, she is a people person to the core. It was whilst working for a Liverpool-based Deck and Engineering training college that she took a trip to the Antigua yacht show and she was hooked!

The people that yachting attracts are what she likes best, people who like adventure and to step out of their comfort zone, people who are mad enough to pack a bag and travel across the world to get a job in yachting. A bit like Louise who, immediately after securing work here in Antibes, was literally on the next plane from Liverpool to Nice.

Recruiting Stews is Louise’s perfect job. She gets to make a difference and loves helping them land their dream role. Helping junior crew means she gets to play an important part in the beginning of someone’s career and their journey in life. Louise guides them from their first day in the industry up until their first position as Chief Stew or Head of Department.

Louise loves adventure and travel, so you might find her exploring the African savannas in a jeep, trying to outrun the elephants and sleeping in makeshift tents, or backpacking through the countries of South America.

She is also a regular at the local gym where she emulates her childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and does regular heavy weight lifting, much to the surprise of startled bystanders.

What do you find most rewarding about working in yacht crew recruitment?

“My favourite thing about superyacht recruitment is the role I play in helping my juniors land the perfect job, taking the first step in their career and embarking on the adventure they have always dreamed of.”


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