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  • Writer's pictureYPI CREW

The first public event at the Antibes Yacht Club was a resounding success and the newly opened Yacht Club provided the perfect setting for the event, with its beautiful surroundings and luxurious atmosphere. The event, which took place on January 20th, was a collaboration between YPI CREW and Superyacht Foodie by TUVYC and it was exclusively reserved for for yacht Captains, Chefs, Chief Stews and provisioning agents.

The guests had the opportunity to meet with with YPI CREW recruitment specialists and sample a selection of rare superfoods and beverages, all chosen to showcase the latest and most exciting food and drink options available to the yachting industry.

The event was a great opportunity for yacht industry professionals to network and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the food and drink sector. The guests were impressed by the high quality of the food and drink options, as well as the luxurious atmosphere of the Antibes Yacht Club.

Due to the high interest in the event, we were not able to send individual invitations. However, be sure to follow our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates on our upcoming events. This way you can stay informed and don't miss out on any of our future events.

See more pictures from the event: