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As the Head of the interior, a Chief Stew is not only responsible for the maintenance of the interior and the whole team that comes with it, but they are also the first point of contact for the guests onboard. They are responsible for guest satisfaction onboard and must have the ability to anticipate yacht owners' and guests' needs and exceed their expectations.

The specific tasks of a Chief Stew will depend on the size of the yacht and the way it operates. On a smaller vessel, the Chief Stew might be hands-on with all aspects of interior service, while on a larger vessel, they may focus more on team management and coordination.

This article sheds light on the general responsibilities of a Chief Stew during the yachting season when the guests are on board the yacht.

1. Interior Management

Managing the entire interior department, the Chief Stew is responsible for overseeing both housekeeping and service, orchestrating a seamless operation that delivers the highest level of luxury. They ensure that all elements work together to create an environment of elegance and comfort.

2. Team Leadership

Leading a team of yacht Stews, the Chief Stew's leadership extends beyond mere direction. It involves comprehensive management of all team members, ensuring that everyone knows their roles and performs them to the highest standards. The Chief Stew is also responsible for balancing the team's workload, making sure that tasks are appropriately assigned, and that all team members have sufficient hours of rest.

3. Guest Experience

As the face of the yacht, the Chief Stew and their team are dedicated to a guest-centric approach that goes beyond traditional hospitality. They focus on guests' needs at all times, learning their habits and preferences to anticipate their needs even before they are expressed. From the first greeting to the final farewell, the Chief Stew ensures that every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

4. Meal Service

A vital part of the guests' experience is the dining onboard. The Chief Stew oversees service during guest meals and liaises with the Head Chef to ensure food is presented to the guests in the right way and the right order to meet the impeccable standards expected on a luxury yacht.

5. Customised Guest Service

It's the job of a Chief Stew to curate a diverse array of activities and experiences specifically tailored to the guests' preferences. This can range from theme parties on board to marking special occasions like birthdays or engagements with uniquely crafted celebrations. Whether it's restaurant bookings, onshore excursions, or organizing specific onboard experiences such as live bands or creative workshops like painting and cooking, it's their role to create an environment where every moment is memorable.

6. Administrative Tasks:

Keeping on top of the administrative things needed to run the interior department smoothly is a vital part of the Chief Stew's role. This includes managing schedules, inventory, and other essential paperwork.

Are you interested in working as a Chief Stew or in are need of crew for your yacht?

If you are a Chief Stew looking for your new position on board a superyacht, or a Captain or a looking for high-preforming crew, get in touch with our expert YPI CREW Interior recruitment team.

Louise Overend, a true ambassador for the Stew community, leads the YPI CREW Stew Recruitment Team and manages all Purser, Head of Interior, Senior Stew roles, along with the ever efficient specialist in her field Annabelle Huvelin.

Taking care of the Mid-Level, Junior and Specialist Stew roles are the talented dynamic duo, Anita Lukas and Maria Fourre whilst Angelina Capdeviolle has joined us a Recruitment Coordinator for the Stew Team.

They are masters of placing highly-qualified crew on board yachts around the world and will be happy to assist you with your recruitment needs.

If you are a crew member looking for work you can get in touch with us by logging into your YPI CREW profile.

If you are a Captain or HoD looking for crew for your yacht, you can get in touch with us by filling out the form on our website.

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