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Meet Sidnie, a yacht stewardess who has been thriving in the yachting industry since 2018. With her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, she always upholds the highest standards in her job. Her insatiable desire to learn and stay busy makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Originally from New Zealand, Sidnie has lived and worked in London, which has given her a unique perspective on working with people from all walks of life. She is a true people person and enjoys connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

1) What are your top 3 tips for a great service on board?

  1. Prep prep prep! Make sure your pantry is ready to go with any spare crockery, cutlery, coffee, and tea cups ready. Even have drying mats and clean tea towels out and ready.

  2. If possible get your wine pulled and chilled as soon as possible.

  3. Smile and enjoy! Guests want to have a relaxed, calm fun environment so try to be calm even when things don't quite go to plan.

2) What are the specific qualities that you value the most in the yacht Stews you work with?

I really value stews who are hard working, loyal and can have a laugh when things get busy and stressful.

3) What do you find most enjoyable about your work?

My favourite aspect of being a stew is that my love of organisation and neatness is displayed and used every day but also being able to use my creativity in table decor, drinks , guest gifts and more.

I also enjoy getting to travel and explore beautiful parts of the world. As well as meeting so many new people from different countries and making mates for life.

Crossing the Atlantic is also a favourite (once the sea sickness passes). ;)

4) In what ways do you think your past experience as a cheerleader in the London Cheerleading Team has helped you cope with the physical challenges of working as a yacht Stew?

In a cheer team you learn to move as a unit, work together and communicate, all these things apply to being in a crew. It also taught me really good discipline which comes in handy when you have to get up early for those breakfast shifts.

Being physical and active prior to yachting has followed through into my stew career, as most boats have lots of stairs! ;)

5) What are some of your favourite destinations you got to visit while working in yachting?

My favourite destinations are the Bahamas for the aqua clear waters, Antigua for Pina Coladas and the steel band at Shirley heights and Savannah for southern comfort food!

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