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Sometimes we're given a gentle reminder that our beloved yacht crew industry is merely part of a wider maritime family, one with members found far afield in branches such as the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets.

Like most families spread around the world, we may not maintain constant contact, but there's plenty of love and support and we know we can rely on them being there for us when we need them most.

Seafarers UK is a perfect example of this network. A charity that has been supporting seafarers in need and their families, it was established in 1917. Recipients of its aid include members of the Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Marines and fishing fleets. In 2017, Seafarers UK awarded 88 grants totalling £3.5 million and helped 160,000 people in the maritime sector.

One of the charity's very important initiatives is the Seafarer's Awareness Week, an annual event that has been held since 2010. This year's edition will take place from June 23rd – 30th.

YPI CREW previews this key event for anyone with an interest in the yacht crew industry.

Seafarers Awareness Week 2018: A Focus on Engineers

As with every year, across the UK businesses and individuals with an interest in the maritime sector will be hosting a calendar full of exciting events and activities during Seafarers Awareness Week. For anyone considering a maritime role – such as a job on a superyacht – the week is a wonderful chance to learn more about not only the careers available to you but the spirit the industry fosters. Job fairs, open days, and conferences are just some of the events that training facilities and organisations will be staging.

As a prospective candidate, you'll be able to ask questions about the different roles available to you and what exactly each position entails, as well as the qualifications you may need and exactly the best way to be hired in the industry. Coinciding with the 'Day of the Seafarer, ' held by the International Maritime Organization on 25th June, Seafarers Awareness Week will also underpin the significance of seafarers in the global economy.

As with previous years, the 2018 edition celebrates a particular theme. This year, the topic of 'Maritime Industry Jobs' has been chosen, with a focus on engineering in particular. It's an exciting time to be looking for a yacht engineer job, as 2018 is the Government's 'Year of Engineering. '

Superyacht Jobs

While a career in yachting is just one of many employment paths in the maritime industry, for many it is the most appealing. A yacht crew job will reward hard work and the right attitude with many perks, such as a potentially attractive salary, global travel and friendships that last a lifetime. There's never been a better time to find a job on a superyacht: last year was YPI CREW's busiest ever in terms of jobs ordered and placements made and we welcomed 19.6% more candidate registrations in 2017 upon the previous year.

If you have the relevant qualifications, skills and character to gain employment at sea on a luxury superyacht – whether as a deckhand, a stewardess, an engineer, a bosun, a Captain or any other position – please log-in to our online database or create a YPI CREW profile. YPI CREW lists many vacancies for all types of yacht crew jobs.

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