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We've asked yacht crew to share their favourite destinations and the reasons why they love them so much.

"It must be Positano, Italy, because of the sheer mountain that stretches sky high right from the water edge, and the beautiful town built on the mountain face. It's a truly an incredible sight looking from onboard a yacht".

- Yacht Engineer Ryan A.

"Kefalonia in Greece is my number one. It's so peaceful, with beautiful turquoise water, nice people, always good weather and plenty if little cute bays to anchor. It sounds like you might find all of these in many other places, which is partly true, but once you see Kefalonia you will feel different. "

- Chief Stew Oksana

"Croatia because of the variety of islands that you can visit, and each island offers something unique. And on top of that, there is so much history. The mainland itself is amazing. The infrastructure is good, everything is easy to access and the food is great as well. "

- Chief Officer Danilo

"The Bahamas! It is absolutely a gem! It's beautiful and so much of the country remains untouched. It really is paradise? But what makes it even better are the locals. They are some of the kindest individuals. Some of my closest relationships are with Bahamians. "

- Captain Kelly G.

"My favorite yacht destinations actually has been Maine, New England. Don't get me wrong, the warm waters and sandy beaches are very nice but something about Maine and New England in the summer is breathtaking. "

- Yacht Stew Emery W.

"Fabulous destinations to visit while being on a yacht are Maldives, Seychelles, Norway, Antartica, Patagonia, Bahamas, Alaska, British Columbia, Mentawai islands, Raja ampat, Madagascar, Greek islands both Aegean and Ionian. "

- Chief Officer Tristan N.

"Antigua is my favourite destination. The beaches there are amazing and really close to the boats. There is so many good restaurants and bars, good activities, and great weather. "

- Chief Officer Jack S.

"My favourite destination would be the South Caribbean. Places like Tobago Cays, Granada, St. Lucia. This is where you can find the most beautiful sceneries but also the most amazing people! "

- Chef Carlos V.

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