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At its core, superyacht life is all about personalised service and 7* experience. The nature of the yacht environment allows for a unique opportunity to evolve the art of personalised care and become a trusted wellness advisor for the yacht owner and their guests.

This means that Spa Therapists on board superyachts have the room to develop a more customised service, with a deeper client-therapist relationship and a more gratifying professional experience.

It’s important to note that the role of a Spa Therapist on board a superyacht is often a dual one. In addition to spa-focused responsibilities, Spa Therapists are also integral members of the Stew team on board a yacht. This means that, when not engaged in spa activities, they participate in housekeeping, inventory management and other operational tasks, contributing to the overall guest experience.

The Nature of the Job

Working on board a yacht offers a unique blend of adventure and skill development, paired with unique travel experiences—ranging from the Mediterranean to more remote locations like Greenland or the Galapagos.

The position of a Spa Therapist typically includes rotational leave packages, where a 3:1 ratio for means they spend 3 months working followed by 1 month off, and those working as Spa Managers generally tend to have a 2:2 ratio with two months of work followed by a two-month break. This ensures a balanced work and leisure dynamic.

Superyacht Spa Therapist Chrystene Coetzer says, "My yachting journey has been truly incredible. It challenges you, allows many opportunities for growth, personally and professionally, while occasionally grounding me with humility." Being a yacht Spa Therapist is not just about the technical skills; it's a transformative experience that impacts you as a person, stretching your horizons both literally and metaphorically."

“In spa roles,” Chrystene points out, “it is common for the vessel’s Owner or their representative to be involved in the interview/recruitment process.” This personal involvement underscores the importance of the role. You’re not just an employee; you’re an integral part of a luxury experience that starts from the moment guests step on board.

Delivering 7* treatments on demand

As Samantha Brownie points out, working in yachting has its "ups and downs" but it’s "really rewarding and fun." The attention to detail is like no other setting she’s worked in before. Every aspect, from the cleanliness of the workspace to the ambient temperature and even the volume of the background music, is tailored to the guests' unique preferences. Service is the heartbeat of the role, pulsating through every moment of the day, which hardly ever sticks to a 9-to-5 routine.

“The guests that you will interact with are very discerning and incredibly informed,” states Chrystene. To meet these high expectations, she emphasises that “it is imperative to stay up to date with trends and developments and to not become complacent.”

Laura Devine describes the role as a "whirlwind," saying that "guests can request treatments at any time of the day so you need to be ready to deliver 7* treatments on demand." Her testimony confirms that the yacht Spa Therapist role is not for the faint-hearted; it's a job that demands readiness to respond to guests' needs at all times.

The Art of Customisation

The most significant difference between working in a conventional spa and a yacht, as Chrystene notes, is the flexibility: "In a yachting environment, you enjoy more freedom to draw on all your experience and tailor treatments to the unique needs and preferences of your guests."

"Within the yachting industry, including larger vessels, the entire team collectively is responsible for not only the happiness and comfort of the guests but also for the safety of the vessel, guests, and crew," Chrystene adds. Teamwork is not optional; it's the backbone of the yacht’s operations, creating a harmonious environment for both guests and crew.

How to Join the Yachting Industry

Being a Spa Therapist on a superyacht is an experience filled with challenges and opportunities. As Laura Devine sums it up, "As well as working in luxurious surroundings, I’ve traveled to beautiful places I didn’t even know existed and made lifelong friends."

So, if you're considering a career as a spa therapist onboard a yacht, register with YPI CREW and upload your most recent CV. Our dedicated Interior Specialist Team, Anita Lukas and Maria Fourre, will assist you on your career journey and guide you through the recruitment process.

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