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  • Writer's pictureYPI CREW

We are delighted to write a new page in YPI CREW history by opening a new Antibes office for our superyacht engineers.

It's been a busy few months for us as, in November 2018, the Schulte Group, through its Maritime Service Company in Singapore, concluded the takeover of the majority stake of YPI CREW.

"Since day one in 2002, I've had a clear vision and my goal remains to have a premium company, offering the best service for our clients and candidates, the best working environment for the YPI CREW team and the best relationship with our shareholders, " says Laurence Lewis, Director of YPI CREW.

New recruits

We moved into our current office location on Avenue de la Liberation in 2013 and since then, the number of job requests has increased by 68% – an impressive figure for a mature company. Over the same period, our interior department has recorded a 102% increase in job requests. To continue to provide the bespoke service we offer our clients and candidates, we needed to expand. We've hired two new staff members for our interior department and are recruiting three more people for the main office.

Helen Papamichael, who heads the interior department, looks forward to welcoming her new colleagues and being able to provide clients with an even better service.

"This is an exciting time for me, " says Helen. "Sourcing new talent is key to the Chef and Steward/ess department, which has evolved so much since I started in 2002. "

A New "Control Room" for the Superyacht Engineers

In early April, the YPI CREW Superyacht Engineers moved to our other premises in rue Honore Ferrare, just around the corner. We purchased the office in 2009 and in 2013, when it became too small, we found a tenant to take over and moved out. We're pleased to have been able to claim the office back, refurbish it, and give the Engineering team this new Antibes office to develop under the leadership of Jacqui Young.

"From joining Laurence in 2006 to take sole responsibility for recruiting engineers, it is a real milestone to re-open the office now for the Engineering Department, " says Jaqui.

"It has been a pleasure to be part of Laurence's vision to grow YPI Crew over the years and I am proud to have developed a fantastic team with Marjorie Baillet and Anna Horak, who are dedicated to providing the best value-added service to great clients and candidates. We look forward to expanding the team and welcoming our clients to our new 'control room' in the near future. "

A bright future

The future of recruitment is where human skills and technology meet, mix and complement each other. YPI CREW will continue to strive to achieve this delicate balance.

"I am very excited about our current recruitment drive at YPI CREW, " says Laurence. "And I look forward to developing our winning team further, to fine- tune our service and ensure our clients and candidates are looked after to the highest standards in our office in Avenue de la Liberation and the new Antibes office. "

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