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As the leading recruitment agency in the yacht crew industry, YPI CREW endeavours to provide useful resources and up-to-date information to prospective candidates and employers.

In addition to the latest yacht crew jobs, YPI CREW shares changes to regulations, interviews with industry professionals, and the latest events for yacht crew, among other things. One upcoming event that is sure to make a splash in maritime industries is the annual Seafarers Awareness Week, which takes place between 24th and 30th June.

To celebrate its centenary anniversary, Seafarers UK – a charity established in 1917 to support needy seafarers and their families – will iterate the diverse array of careers on offer in the maritime industry by organising the biggest ever edition of Seafarers Awareness Week.

Superyacht Jobs

Working on a luxury superyacht is just one of the many career paths on offer at sea, yet for many, it is the most appealing. Gaining a yacht crew job is rewarding in many different ways: from a potentially attractive salary to the opportunity to make lifelong friends and travel the world, the perks are limitless. Jobs at sea are not without hard work, however. It takes the right attitude and character to succeed in a job on a luxury superyacht. Now is a fantastic time to join the superyacht crew industry: there has been a 37% increase in yacht jobs since 2013, and YPI CREW welcomed 22% more candidate registrations in 2016 upon the previous year.

Seafarers Awareness Week 2017

Seafarers Awareness Week is a fantastic opportunity to discover whether the industry is right for you. Many training facilities and organisations will be hosting events – including conferences, open days, and job fairs – for the weeklong event. Prospective candidates will be able to gain more information about the various roles on offer, as well as the tasks they may involve, the certificates they may require and the best way to gain employment. Coinciding with the 'Day of the Seafarer, ' held by the International Maritime Organization on 25th June, Seafarers Awareness Week will also underpin the significance of seafarers in the global economy.

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About Seafarers UK

Seafarers UK donates money to directly benefit seafarers' lives and those of their families. In 2016, Seafarers UK donated £2.5 million to over 70 charities in the maritime sector.

If you have the relevant qualifications, skills and character to gain employment at sea on a luxury superyacht - whether as a deckhand, a stewardess, an engineer, a bosun, a Captain or any other position - please log-in to our online database or create a YPI CREW profile. YPI CREW lists many vacancies for all types of yacht crew jobs.

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