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Yacht chefs grab the opportunity to pick up some inside tips from the very best in the business courtesy of YPI Crew and Ducasse Education.

Yacht chefs from over five different countries recently came together to discover the secrets behind the cuisine of one of the world's greatest masters as part of a unique collaboration between YPI Crew and Ducasse Education, the leading global training specialists dedicated to cultivating excellence in the practice of culinary and pastry arts, service and hospitality around the world.

"We are very proud to be able to help bring the kind of skills and experience taught by Ducasse Education to the yachting world," explains Head of Interior Department, YPI Crew, Helen Papamichael. "We want our crew to work with and learn from the world's best. The hands-on approach adopted by these courses means chefs and crew get to see immediate results."

The series of sessions was entitled "Secrets of Excellence on International Yachts' and was headed by Ducasse Chef Instructor Emmanuelle Lacaille, renowned for his previous work at the iconic Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse in Monaco.

Emmanuelle brought his expertise to the kitchen galley of the stunning White Rose of Drachs teaching chefs how to create buffets and appetizers for any event or special occasion at sea or on shore.

"Our chefs mastered specific methods for different styles of international cuisine," continues Helen, "learning how to prepare health-conscious contemporary menus that focused on nutritional balance."

The most popular session, the two-day "Dessert Collections of Alain Ducasse', taught the essentials of pastry for high-quality desserts as well as developing a range of original and balanced desserts for all types of events. Students learned creative ways to combine produce and flavours to offer an attractive and modern menu.

"Yacht chefs work for a select international clientele who not only expect the best but demand excellence for every meal," explainsIsabelle Rio, Director of the Centre Formation d'Alain Ducasse (CFAD). "Special requests and events make it very important for yacht chefs and crew to be aware of important time-saving techniques as well as being able to prepare recipes that work with their specific conditions and meet client needs for exceptional cuisine in terms of quality, flavour, service and presentation. Our courses also help ensure chefs remain aware of the very latest culinary trends."

"These events are always a great success," adds Helen. "Our chefs are constantly seeking new ideas, techniques and the latest culinary trends for clients and that's exactly what they get here."

For more information on Ducasse Education and details of upcoming events contact:

YPI Crew

Helen Papamichael: or call +33 (0) 492 904 610


Ducasse Education

Victoria Tang, Global Marketing Director: or call +33 (0) 6 720 3155.

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