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In the exciting world of yachting, the power of social media has revolutionised the way yacht crew connect, share experiences and find inspiration. For those seeking to immerse themselves in the world of yachting, we have curated the ultimate guide to the top 18 yachting Instagram accounts to follow. From stunning yacht photography to behind-the-scenes glimpses of life on board, these accounts serve as a gateway to the vibrant yachting community.

1. Motor Yacht Loon

Motor Yacht Loon is a popular 68m/221' yacht available for charter in the Mediterranean and Caribbean and the winner of the charter yacht of the year award. With over 70k Instagram followers, it's a great account to follow, showcasing yacht videos, crew videos, beautiful sceneries and water-sports antics. Their high-quality adventure-filled videos will definitely make you excited about being part of the yachting industry.

2. The Floating Table

The Floating Table is a great Stew-oriented account showcasing some splendid table scaping. If you are interior crew, definitely check out their account to feel a wave of inspiration.

Coral Ocean is a 73m | 238' superyacht and their Instagram account showcaes a wide variety of content including crew tips, crew fun, service tips, safety tips, fun videos and so much more. For crew members seeking a good mix of fun content and visually appealing shots, Coral Ocean's Instagram account is certainly the one to follow.

4. Ruben Griffioen

Ruben Griffioen is a freelance superyacht photographer based in the Netherlands. After having worked for SuperYacht Times, he decided to fully focus on his videography to be able to provide more companies with unique content in the industry. Ruben now posts breathtaking drone footage of large superyachts such as Kaos, VIVA, Bold and many more.

5. Mr Superyachts

Mr Superyachts is an account managed by Matthijs Rhee, a yacht broker in the Netherlands and the Monaco area. With over 200k followers, Mr Superyachts publishes daily dockings of superyachts in Monaco, crew operations and interesting sightings.


The leading yacht crew recruitment agency, YPI CREW, is a must follow for all yacht crew. The page posts daily content directed at all level crew, from junior to captain, including job interview tips, stunning yacht videos, crew tips & tricks and industry news.

7. Jared Watney

A well-known video creator in the yachting industry, Jared Watney has been onboard many iconic superyachts with the goal of creating engaging content. Follow him for stunning yacht videos, engaging walkthroughs and behind-the-scenes content.

8. V6 Explorer Yacht

The 49m | 160ft explorer yacht V6 posts an array of superyacht content, from day-to-day adventures, unique polar destinations, shipyard periods, water-sport adventures, daily operations and crew safety drills. It’s definitely worth following for some off-the-grid content.

9. Chef Elleni Katalanos

Elleni Katalanos is a Michelin-trained chef with a Mediterranean background who uses Instagram to showcase her stunning plant-based recipes. She uses eye-catching short reels for mouthwatering mini vegan recipe demonstrations, they're full of colour and will transport you to her Cypriot homeland. Elleni also shares tips about eating sustainably. If you are a chef looking for new ideas, her account is the place to go!

10. A Stew With a Coffee

A stew with a coffee is held by a Stewardess named Angelika who is traveling around the world on a superyacht. Her account is focused on interior with lots of diverse posts such as Stew tips, funny content, and a lot of table settings and service tips. If you are looking for some table-setting ideas, her account can definitely help you out.

11. Captain Kelly Gordon

Kelly Gordon is a yacht Captain from the United States, dedicated to guiding, inspiring and coaching yacht crew of all ages. She is a very bright and uplifting person and her content is focused on offering useful tips and advice and sharing her maritime knowledge with yacht crew. If you are curious to find out more about Captain Kelly, you can read an interview we have done with her here.

12. Julien Hubert

Julien Hubert is one of the most well-known yacht photographers out there. Born in the South of France, Julien rapidly grew a passion for yachting and became one of the most prolific yacht spotters of the French Riviera. With an impressive array of captivating shots, he maintains a consistent posting schedule, showcasing a diverse range of yachts from various angles.

13. M/Y Gene Machine

The multi-award winning 54.86m/180' motor yacht 'Gene Machine 'offers captivating and easy to follow content. The yacht is owned by a renowned innovator, best known for his groundbreaking work on high-speed DNA sequencing machines. In addition to the main yacht, there's also a support vessel aptly named 'My Gene Chaser' which houses an array of exciting toys. The content they produce is remarkably original and engaging, providing easy viewing experience. They even have a furry canine companion onboard, adding to the charm.

14. Lost and Found Crew

Lost and Found Crew is an account that unites all yacht crew by creating a space to connect and exchange tips&tricks. Yachting is after all made up of 'people' and building relationships and maintaining them is crucial. Lost and Found Crew shares daily positive content, making you feel a part of the community.

15. Travel With Liberty

Liberty is the Bosun & Social Media Manager onboard M/Y Gene Machine. On her account, you can find engaging videos and content particularly designed to provide advice for those in the yachting industry, placing a strong emphasis on personal growth and development.

16. Nicoles Interiors

Nicole is a British Stewardess with 5 years of experience and her Instagram account is focused on beautiful table settings and exquisite drink creations. Her Instagram account serves as a treasure trove of inspiration for those seeking innovative ideas. If you find yourself in need of fresh concepts, exploring her account will undoubtedly provide loads of creative insights.

17. Chef Gilles de Cambourg

French Chef Gilles de Cambourg is at the top of his game as Head Chef of the 65m | 212' charter M/Y Resilience. His use of sharp, detailed, clean imagery really puts the spotlight on the quality of his cooking, making the produce the star of the dish! The photos are precise, eye-catching, and inspiring, check out his account for some wow factor ideas!

18. The Amazing Yacht

The Amazing Yacht is an account with over 190k followers, publishing professional photos and videos of superyachts and yacht crew at work. The videos they capture are truly unique and a must-follow for any yacht enthusiast.

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