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As we enter March 2020, we are just one month out from the start of the Mediterranean yachting season! As such, we are on the hunt for ambitious yachties for our latest yacht jobs.

On offer this month are roles within the exterior and interior departments, with deckhands and bosuns needed on the deck, and engineers, housekeepers and chief stewardesses needed for the yacht interior and engine room. We also have roles for one lucky captain and want to hear from all skilled yacht carpenters looking for work. Read on to find your new yacht career today!

To apply for any of our yacht jobs in March 2020, simply register your details with us and follow our online application process. Note, that for all positions you will need an STCW, as well as an in-date crew medical certificate, such as an ENG1.

Please note that this is just a selection of our current yacht jobs. To get selected for any of our potential positions, please make sure you are registered with us, do your online check-in once a week letting us know your current location and ensure your online profile is up to date with your most recent CV, medical certificate, licenses/certificates, and references. A YPI CREW recruiter will get in touch as soon as there is a suitable opening.

Without further adieu, here are the latest yacht jobs for March 2020.

Exterior Yacht Jobs - March 2020

Yacht Bosun - Urgent

This month, we are urgently seeking a bosun for an immediate start. This role is for a 40-metre motor yacht that will mainly be used privately by its owner, with some charter possible. She is currently located in the Mediterranean and may go to the Caribbean next year.

Motor Yacht Captain

We are seeking a motor yacht captain for a dual-season charter yacht cruising the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Motor Yacht Deckhands

Our client is in need of both a deckhand and a lead deckhand for a single Med season. The positions are on board a 60-metre motor yacht that is mainly used privately by its owner, with some charter trips in the summer. Based in Italy.

Yacht Engineer Jobs

This month, we have 58 jobs open in the engineering department available at different levels requiring qualifications. To be selected, please update your profile and do your online check-in to let us know your current location.

Yacht Carpenter and Deck Jobs

With a busy Mediterranean season ahead of us, we are always on the lookout for qualified deck crew and carpenters for yacht jobs.

Interior Yacht Jobs - March 2020

Here at YPI CREW we are always in need of yacht stews, stewardesses, and housekeepers with at least 2 seasons' experience, and this month is no different. We are also on the lookout for spa therapists and hair stylists.

English-Speaking Chief Stewardess

This March, we are looking for chief stewardess for a 40-metre classic yacht, with a high level of service expected. Applicants must be fluent in English.

Russian-Speaking Stew/Stewardess

March calls for a stew or stewardess with 1-year minimum experience for a 50-metre motor yacht. The successful candidate must be fluent in Russian.

Laundry Stewardess

Due to cabin arrangements onboard, we are calling for a female laundry stewardess for the 2020 season. The role is on a 70-metre yacht.

If you are interested in any of our yacht jobs this March, please register your details on our online portal and check in weekly to update your current skills and location. Alternatively, please bookmark our yacht job vacancies page and check back regularly for the latest opportunities.

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