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As we approach the traditional peak of the Mediterranean yachting season, we welcome news of a flood of new yacht jobs for our keen candidates after the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

On offer this month are a wide selection of exciting roles across the Deck, Engineering and Interior departments; from Captains, Chief Engineers and Master Stews through to Deckhands, Spa Therapists and Second Stews. The books are also brimming with opportunities for B1B2 visa holders, ready for the US/Caribbean season. Read on to discover the perfect yacht job for you!

How to Apply for Our Yacht Jobs

To apply for any of our yacht jobs, simply register your details on our website today and follow our online application process. Note, that for all positions you will need an STCW, as well as a valid crew medical certificate, such as an ENG1.

Please note that this is just a selection of our current yacht jobs. To get selected for any of our positions, you will need to be registered with us. Be sure to do an online check-in once a week to ensure your online profile is up to date with your most recent CV, medical certificate, licenses/certificates and references, and let us know your current location. A YPI CREW recruiter will get in touch as soon as there is a suitable opening.

Without further adieu, here are the latest yacht jobs from YPI CREW.

Deck Yacht Jobs - June 2020


This month, we have an exciting position for a Captain aboard a 45-metre classic sailing yacht. This charter yacht has 6 crew and offers 2 months of leave per year.

Captain/Chief Stewardess Couple

A rare opportunity has arisen for a Captain/Chief Stewardess couple for a 40-metre dual-season motor yacht with 6-7 crew.

Rotational Chief Officer

We are looking to fill a vacancy for a rotational Chief Officer with a minimum Chief Officer certificate for a 50m+ sailing yacht.

Chief Officer

We need a Chief Officer for a 60-metre Mediterranean-based motor yacht. This role comes with 40 days leave per year.


A captain aboard a 50-metre motor yacht in Greece is looking for a seasonal Bosun with their OOW Officer of the Watch 3000. He or she must have previous experience in a similar position.


A 40-metre sailing yacht is looking for an experienced deckhand/cyclist and kite surfer with motor yacht, sailing and tender-driving experience to start as soon as possible.

Yacht Deckhands with B1B2 Visa

We have a number of different deckhand positions for B1B2 holders.

Female Deckhands

We are also seeking a number of female deckhands, due to the cabin arrangements on board.

To apply for any of our roles in the Deck department, please register online with us, or login today to update your profile with your current location.

Interior Yacht Jobs - June 2020

Seasonal Chief Stewardess

This month, we are looking for a Chief Stewardess for a private 35-metre motor yacht. This role is being advertised as seasonal to begin with, with the opportunity for it to turn into a permanent role on board.

Chief Stewardess for Dual Season Yacht

The opportunity for a Chief Stewardess has arisen, aboard a dual-season motor yacht of 60-plus metres. The successful candidate will need to be available to join the yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean as soon as possible.

Chief Stewardess with B1B2 Visa

A 45-metre motor yacht based in the US is seeking a Chief Stewardess to start ASAP. As such, a B1B2 visa is required.


Our client is looking for two stewardesses to complete the interior team aboard their 80-metre private sailing yacht. The role will include responsibilities as a galley hand and will require occasional duties on deck.

Interior Jobs

In addition to the above positions, we have a number of positions available for Chief Stewardesses for 30 to 50-metre yachts. We also have a range of interior positions for Second Stewardesses aboard 30 to 50-metre yachts, as well as a mix of positions for motor yachts 50 to 100-plus metres, including:

  • Laundry/Master Stews

  • Service Stews

  • Sole Stews

  • Experienced Stews with 2 seasons minimum experience

  • Junior Stews with 1 season minimum experience

  • Masseuses

  • Spa Therapists

  • Nurses

  • Housekeepers

  • B1B2 visa holders

To apply for these roles, please register on our online portal or login to check in directly from your profile, informing us of your current location.

Engineer Yacht Jobs - June 2020

Sole Yacht Engineer

This month, our client is seeking an Engineer for a 35-plus metre yacht. As the sole Engineer, applicants must have an AEC qualification at minimum and at least 3 years of experience on yachts of a similar size. The successful candidate will need to be available to start as soon as possible and will be expected to carry out deck duties from time to time.

To apply for any of our June yacht jobs, please ensure to register with YPI CREW via our online jobs portal, and login regularly to keep your profile, CV and location up to date.

Good luck!

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