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Today marks the start of the UEFA Euro 2016 competition, which will see 24 teams compete for the title of European Champions.

As the host nation, France will kick off the action tonight at 9pm, taking on Romania at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. Tension has risen to an exhilarating climax in the Côte d'Azur; while large cities, such as Marseille and Nice, have constructed dedicated fan zones to cater for the influx of hopeful fans, most popular bars will also be screening matches. Versatile in our approach, YPI CREW is the go-to authority on all aspects of yacht crew advice. As such, we’ve identified five of the best bars in the Côte d'Azur from which crew can experience the best of the action:

5) St Tropez

Yacht crew advice YPI CREW

Kelly’s Irish Pub — Quai Frédéric Mistral, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Kelly’s is sure to be the liveliest venue in St Tropez when each game kicks off. The Irish pub is particularly popular with crewmembers.

Contact no.: 04 94 54 89 11

Le Sporting — 42 Traverse des Lices, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Le Sporting remains one of the most authentic venues in St Tropez – the perfect place to go to cheer on France.

Contact no.: 04 94 97 00 65

Tiki Club — Plage de Pampelonne, Kon Tiki Resort, Route des Plages, 83350 Ramatuelle

If ferrying yacht Owners to Club 55, visit Tiki Club next door to watch the football. The outdoor venue is reasonably priced and the football will be projected on a large screen.

Contact no.: 06 40 56 42 58

4) Monaco

Yacht crew advice YPI CREW

Starz’N’Barz — 6 Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco

A lively American sports bar, Starz’N’Barz will attract many football fans from near and far. The American menu comprises the perfect food to complement the games: burgers

Contact no.: +377 97 97 95 95

La Rascasse — 1 Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco

With many different screens, both inside and out, La Rascasse will be a popular choice for fans. Drinks are very well priced and the sharing platters are perfect for hungry fans.

Contact no.: +377 98 06 16 16

Brasserie de Monaco — 36 Route de la Piscine, 98000 Monaco

The Brasserie de Monaco brews its own beers and has a large screen and long tables. It sits on the Grand Prix racetrack, overlooking the port.

Contact no.: +377 97 98 51 20

3) Marseilles

Yacht crew advice YPI CREW

The Fan Zone — Prado Park, 13008 Marseille

The second biggest Euro 2016 destination, Marseille will fill with fans from all over the world. The fan zone will cater for a staggering 80,000 fans.

The River Pub — 164 Avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille

Set in a scenic location, right on the L’Huveaune, The Rive Pub serves great food and drinks are very cheap all day.

Contact no.: 04 91 71 65 69

Henri’s Pub Bar — 4 Avenue de Toulon, 13006 Marseille

Henri’s Bar is a characterful venue: friendly staff, great food and seating outdoors. The friendly staff members are very attentive. The games will be screened on a few TVs.

Contact no.: +33 4 91 00 00 00

2) Antibes

Yacht crew advice YPI CREW

The Hop Store — 38 Boulevard Aguillon, 06600 Antibes

The Hop Store is a fantastic Irish bar in the centre of Antibes. The venue serves good food and is reasonably priced. It will be extremely busy one the day of each match. Arrive early to find a seat!

Contact no.: 04 93 34 18 70

The Blue Lady — Rue Lacan, 06600 Antibes

As one of the go-to hangouts for yacht crew in Antibes, The Blue Lady is always lively and is sure to be a popular destination for crew members.

Contact no.: 04 93 34 41 00

1) Nice

Yacht crew advice YPI CREW

The Fan Zone — Place Massena, 06000 Nice, France

The fan zone is perfectly placed in the heart of Nice. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, it can cater for up to 10,000 fans. It will be open from 1pm until midnight.

Wayne’s Bar — 15 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice

Wayne’s is undoubtedly the liveliest venue for the international community in Nice. Although slightly further from the port than other venues, it is definitely worth the trip. Arrive early to secure a good view.

Contact no.: 04 93 13 46 99

Ma Nolan’s — 5 Quai des Deux Emmanuels, 06300 Nice

Ma Nolan’s is perfectly located for visiting crewmembers; it is portside on Quai des Deux Emmanuels. The Irish bar is lively and welcoming.

Contact no.: 04 93 80 23 87

Hard Rock Café — 5 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice

The Hard Rock Café will be screening most games on large screens for fans of all nationalities. The iconic restaurant will be a great choice from which to experience the competition.

Contact no.: 04 93 62 71 80

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UEFA Euro 2016: The Best Venues to Watch the football in the Côte d'Azur






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