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If you are a chef looking for work on a yacht, at one point you will find yourself being faced with the challenge of being asked to provide food photos as part of the recruitment process.

As tempting as it can be to paste the photos directly onto your CV, there are more effective ways of presenting your dishes to help you secure your dream job as a yacht chef!

Use your CV to showcase your professional work experience and keep your food photos separate.

By putting food photos onto your CV you run the risk of making it look cluttered, difficult to read and they will distract from the main focus - your work experience and qualifications. It's also worth mentioning that adding pictures to your CV document will increase the size of the file making it too heavy to send to recruiters and employers.

If you do however have quality pictures that you would like to use to illustrate your skills as a chef, there are two simple ways to do so that will make you look both professional and help you wow the person in charge of hiring you.

1. Open an Instagram account showcasing your food

This is probably the easiest and most effective way of showcasing your work. Opening an Instagram account purely for your food shots doesn't take more than a few minutes and uploading the images is even easier. Since Instagram is a social media platform created with the purpose of showcasing photos, it will do a great job of presenting your yacht food, and any dishes created in restaurants or at home, in an attractive, simple and quick way.

All you need to do after that is paste your Instagram handle onto your CV, and all that recruiters and potential employees need to do is press on or copy the link and boom, they are instantly able to look at your creations. It's a great little marketing tool!

2. Create a website dedicated to your professional work

Creating a website is slightly more time consuming than opening an Instagram account but it won't fail to impress anybody visiting it to get an insight into your ability as a chef. Whether you are building a website yourself or hiring someone to do it, having your own website will help you present yourself and your food photos in a very professional way.

Today there are so many useful and easy to use website building tools, such as Wix. com or Squarespace, that don't require any programming knowledge and have loads of predefined templates. This makes it surprisingly easy and affordable for you to build your own website.

Once you have your website ready and running, simply paste the website URL into your CV under your personal details.

Are you looking for a yacht chef job onboard a yacht?

Be sure to contact our Head of Interior Department and Chef Recruiter, Helen Papamichael, by sending her an email to

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