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The Mediterannean season has begun and the industry is still looking for experienced yacht crew to join one of the many yacht crew teams. See our yacht crew jobs for June.

The yacht jobs listed below are just a selection of our current June yacht job vacancies. YPI CREW is a bespoke yacht recruitment company and as such we don't advertise every open yacht job. Instead, we ask you to register on our website and we have our recruiters connect you to the job that best suits you.

To get connected to your dream job, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in or register with YPI CREW

  2. Make sure your CV and certificates are uploaded and up to date.

  3. Check-in with our recruiters by clicking the 'Check-in' option on the homepage of your YPI CREW profile. Make sure to mark your current locations and write a short message for our recruiters.

After that, a YPI CREW recruiter will be in touch with you as soon as there is a suitable opening that would be a great fit for you. Just keep in mind that there is a large volume of open positions so our recruiters will only consider candidates with a complete online profile and with all up-to-date documents.

Deck Crew Yacht Jobs

This month we have over 70 open positions for work onboard yachts in the Deck department, including experienced Captain, Officer and Deckhand positions.

This month we are looking for the following Deck crew:

  • Deckhands with added skills such as carpentry, videography, PWCI, Diving Etc

  • Deckhands with a Yachtmaster certificate and good tender driving skills

  • Experienced Deckhands for a world-cruising explorer yacht

  • Lead Deckhands with excellent water sports knowledge and proven experience

  • Deck / Stew with 30% Deck Duties and 60% laundry and housekeeping

  • Experienced Bosuns with OOW modules

  • 2ndofficer candidates with strong yachting experience and OOW in hand

  • 1st Mate with strong understanding of bridge duties

  • Chief Officer with proven longevity of at least 2 years for a sailing yacht

  • Captains for 25-35m motor yachts

  • Experienced Captains with strong yachting experience and good crew management skills

These are just some of the open deck positions we currently have. If you are looking for a Deck Crew job, please log into your YPI CREW profile. Check in directly with our recruiters by clicking the 'Check in' option in your profile and leaving a message along with your current location so they can guide you through your job search.

Engineer Yacht Jobs

The Med season has started and we are looking for engineers on all levels and with various backgrounds/licenses. Please find below the most common jobs we work on, so please check in with us if we can assist you in the search:

  • We expect to get in several sail yacht roles, so please check in with us if you have relevant background

  • Y4/Y3/EOOW sole engineers for Med base yachts, seasonal and permanent openings available

  • Temp engineers from AEC – Y1

  • Y3/EOOW/SV permanent and rotational 2nd engineers

  • AEC+ candidates with good mechanical, electrical and/or AV/IT skills

  • Y1/Y2 or Class I/Class II Yacht experienced Chief and 2ndEngineers for rotational positions

  • Candidates holding B1 visas

If you fit any of these profiles, please send us a message by logging into your YPI CREW profile and clicking the 'Check in" button on your profile. Here you will be able to leave a short message to our recruiters.

Interior Yacht Jobs

Our Interior Department currently more than 110 open positions. There is a good mix of both private and charter, dual and single season yachts, 30-150m in size.

We are looking for the following candidates:

  • Junior Stews looking for their first yachting position

  • Stews with at least 1 season experience

  • 2nd Stews for yachts between 40m and 60m in size

  • Qualified Service Stews with proven yachting experience to work on large yachts

  • Service Stews with good yachting experience to join an expedition yacht

  • Experienced Housekeepers with high cleaning and hygiene knowledge and skills

  • Sole Stews for sailing yachts

  • Nurse for dual season yacht, ration of nurse and Stew duties 50:50

  • Nurse for an expedition yacht

  • Massage Therapists with knowledge of sports massage

  • Massage Therapist with previous yachting experience

  • Massage Therapist with deep tissue massage knowledge

  • Laundry Masters with excellent garment care knowledge and previous yachting experience

  • Yoga Instructor / Service Stew with proven good longevity and experience on large yachts

  • Yoga Teachers with a yoga teaching qualification and experience leading yoga classes

  • Chief Stews with proven longevity and experience on large yachts

  • Chief Stews for 40-60m range yachts

This is just a selection of the yacht jobs to be filled by YPI CREW. To be considered for any of the positions log in to your YPI CREW profile or register with us and complete your online profile. From there you can check in with our recruiters directly by clicking the 'Check in' option on your profile. The recruiters read the check-ins daily and will be in touch with you as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

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