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Superyacht bosun with a passion for watersports and dedication to make the guests happy, Francois Horton is one of those people that make you excited to be a part of yachting.

Francois grew up sailing and helping out at his family's sail repair shop in the UK. It's only natural that after that he dove into sailing and worked both as a part of a race crew on sailing yachts and doing deliveries of sailing yachts.

Francois has since transitioned into the yachting industry and has become an experienced and hardworking bosun, described by his crewmates as an amazing person, great teacher and a leader. For us at YPI CREW it's always a pleasure to have him in the office, especially since his yachting career actually got kickstarted by our own expert recruiter Fiona Murray.

1. What are the main responsibilities of a Bosun?

Leading the deck team in keeping the exterior of the yacht immaculate, ensuring all guest toys, tenders and guest equipment is up to standard and ready for use.

Ensuring proper stock levels of cleaning products, paint, teak etc

Depending on the size of the yacht, undertaking navigational watches.

2. What is your favourite part of the job?

The purpose of our career is ultimately to make the guests happy, and I find achieving that goal incredibly rewarding. Although travelling to some of the most beautiful places in the world is pretty sweet.

3. What is something you wish you knew about being a Bosun before you took the role?

The amount of time you need to dedicate to the role to do it well.

4. What's the best way to impress on the job?

Study- find out all you can about your role, what tools you need and what products you use. Including finding new products and tools that serve the yacht better. This usually take up a lot of your personal time, but I find it worthwhile.

5. What are some of your favourite places you got to visit while working in yachting?

Visiting Athens without any tourists was special. Rhodes has always been a favourite of mine because of the friendly people and beautiful freediving.

6. What is a particularly challenging trip that you remember?

Taking a yacht from Greece to the UK and back again during the pandemic, between inclement weather, travel restrictions, equipment failure and the boss wanting to use the boat, several unique challenges arose for us to overcome.

7. What extra skills do you think come handy the most in a role of a Bosun?

The ability to listen- just because you've risen in the ranks, does not mean you know everything- Listen to the opinions of all those around you and develop situational awareness, whether it means new products out on the market or different managing styles for different crew, its best to learn from others whilst avoiding making the mistakes yourself.

8. What are your favourite water toys?

I'm simple- give me a mask, snorkel, set of fins and a speargun and I'll be gone for most of the day, usually with a GoPro attached. But recently I have gotten more involved with diving and I'm keen to get into foiling.

9. What's your favourite product you're always stocked up on?

Beyond the usual K2R, 3m yellow tape and wet polish. I love the smell of simple green in the morning.

10. What is the sort of thing you appreciate the most in the Deckhands you work with?

Honesty first and foremost, then work ethic and pride in their work. Almost everything else can be taught.

11. And what is your biggest pet-peeve?

Putting wash down equipment away without cleaning it – there are few things worse than trying to clean a window with a dirty chamois.

12. What would you say to those wanting to start their career in yachting? What should they be prepared for?

Prepare for some of the most intense moments of your life. One day you could have the worst day ever and the next you're relaxing on a beach somewhere stunning sipping on something refreshing.

Are you looking for a Bosun or Deckhand job onboard a yacht?

If you are ready for your new yachting adventure register or log into your YPI CREW profile where you will be able to upload your CV and your certificates. After that you will be able to leave a message directly to our expert Head of Deckhand and Bosun Department, Fiona Murray, via the 'Check in' option on your profile.

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