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Careers in yachting can be exceptionally rewarding, but sacrifices must be made. While you will benefit from the opportunity to travel the world, meet new friends for life, and earn good money, you will also forego the opportunity to lead a 'normal life' - the allure of which is the industry's primary attraction for some crewmembers. During the peak season(s), it is likely that you'll spend months away from the yacht's base. It is probable that notions of familiarity will fade into the recesses of your memory. As such, careers in yachting can often be short-lived, as crew trade in life onboard for life on land. YPI CREW takes a look at some of the land-based career options available for ex-crew.

Yacht Crew Recruitment

The longer you spend onboard a yacht with other crew, the more you know about the qualities required to be successful in each respective position. This enhances one's ability to recognisea strong crew candidate amongst a pool of applicants. As the yacht crew industry generally tends to have a high turnover rate, yacht crew recruiters are essential in the search for the strongest candidates. If you can identify strengths of both skill and character, and you understand the qualities that constitute a strong crew candidate, you could forge a career as a crew recruiter in one of the yachting hubs around the world. Whether in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale, Antigua, or beyond, it is possible to utilise the knowledge and experience that you have gained on yachts, applying it to yacht-related vocations. Many of the yacht crew agents at YPI CREW started their careers at sea, and now use their expertise to match great candidates with great yacht crew jobs.


There are many crew positions that enable a seamless transition into land-based consultancy roles after a career at sea - for Engineers and Captains especially, but also for Sommeliers, Chefs, Bosuns, Chief Stewardesses, and Pursers. Given the exceptionally high standard of service offered on yachts, it is essential to operate vessels using the knowledge of experienced professionals, which is garnered over a long period of time. Whether in the engine room, the running and management of staff, the yacht's provisions, or in other areas of a vessel's operations, there aremany aspects that can benefit from external consultancy. As such there are many opportunities for crew to transfer into roles as land-based consultants.

Positions at Brokerages & Shipyards

With such an extensive bank of knowledge as is gained from high-responsibility positions, crew can quickly acquire the skills needed to work at brokerage houses in locations across the planet. Whether specialising in yachtcharter, brokerage, management or new-builds, the expertise of ex-crew can be put to best use. While Captains are well-qualified for the challenge, Bosuns, Pursers and Engineers could also take to a role at a yacht brokerage. Not only do yacht brokers and managers need to be knowledgeable, but they also need to follow the same service guidelines as onboard crew: no request from a yacht's guests, or prospective guests, is too small. The sense of understanding that is developed by crew over extensive careers on yachts prepares them for life at brokerages.

Land-based Roles

Given that careers on yachts develop fantastically transferable skills, it is simple to apply your acquired talents to vocational jobs on land. We've selected just some of the many industries and roles that could be of interest to ex-crew:

Engineering: shipyards, ferries and cruise liners, railways, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer etc.

Hospitality: private residential work, hotels and restaurants, provisions and catering, concierge, events etc.

Management: project management, sales, consultancy, business development, recruitment etc.

There is no limit to the kinds of jobs the one can pursue after working as part of a crew. Having developed your team mentality and your commitment to excellence, there are few positions that are out of your grasp.

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