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Each issue for On Board Magazine we ask a superyacht professional who is cruising or working on the Mediterranean to map out a typical day. In this issue we turn our spotlight on Laurence Reymann the effervescent director at YPI Crew in Antibes.

Day Begins

I start my day in the office at 9am with a quick check on the international news, I like going on and as I like the analysis they provide on current affairs. In the office we tune in to Riviera Radio to create a welcoming atmosphere for our candidates and clients. One of the first things I do when I get in is to check our accounts to make sure our invoices are getting paid — we need to keep the YPI Crew machine ticking over. Once that's done its off we go for what is an always varied day. There are now eight of us in the office and our day ranges from busy to manic depending on the time of the year.

Forenoon Happenings

Mid morning, a captain might pop in the office to discuss his crew requirements and, together with the crew recruiter in charge, we establish a plan of action. We will coordinate interviews between the captain and the candidates; these can take place in our interview room. Later a captain looking for work might come by for a meeting with me and we discuss his career prospects. I place a lot of emphasis on coaching and interview preparation. We are busiest at the start of the Mediterranean season when most of the recruitment is done. The pressure is enormous, we are flooded with visits, telephone calls and emails and it is a real juggling act to keep the show on the road. The key thing is to prioritise; there are just not enough hours in the day.

We need to find a balance between meeting crew, interviewing them, checking references and certificates, speaking with clients, discussing their requirements and sending CVs, organising interviews. Candidates want face time with us, that's great but the pressure on us is huge. We also need to devote time to sending CVs to clients if we do not do this it defeats the purpose.

Lunch Time: A Special Place For Lunch

Lunchtime is often spent at the Transat, a well-established restaurant in Antibes. I go there with clients or candidates and sometimes with my colleagues. Our industry is all about people so nurturing relationships is important. When I am really busy a sandwich behind the desk has to do.

Afternoon Happenings

Afternoon is more about answering emails and researches for specific captain jobs. This can be very time consuming as I must ensure all suitable candidates meeting the client's requirements are considered, contacted and then put on a short list. I then write a profile on the candidates and send the file to the client. Alongside this I contact candidates who have had interviews for a debrief, I call clients to discuss CVs I have sent and organise meetings. In essence my job is one of multi tasking, being avail- able to listen and react to emergencies as quickly as I can. I also spend time studying legislation and industry intelligence, visiting clients, doing accounts and preparing for the future. The list is endless which is why, before leaving the office, I write a 5 point " to do " list for the next day. No matter what emergency takes place the following day, these 5 action points must be achieved. If it's a Friday, the YPI Crew team will often close the week avec une coupe de champagne. So if you are in town, do join us but BYO!

After A Long Day: Pre Dinner Drinks

Driving back home in my car is what I call me time, I normally will have an AC/DC song playing while I drive. Having said that I also keep up with current metal and rock and like Airbourne, the best Australian band at the moment. I also recently discovered Cosmo Jarvis, the son of a superyacht Captain. He is a very talented up and coming artist,

My two Basset hounds are always waiting for me at home and I will take them for a walk just as soon as I get there.


In the summer, I sometimes enjoy a sundowner at Les Belles Rives in Juan les Pins, before going back home to my house by the river where I often resume work in the evening. I have always been a workaholic and thrive on pressure.

Bed Time

I like go to bed with a good book; currently I am into Russian authors and am reading Andrei Kourkov. Thinking about it, does it sound better if I say: "I enjoy going to bed with a man who has read a good book?" I expect he will recognise himself reading this.

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