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Striking the perfect balance on your superyacht CV to secure an interview for a dual role yacht job isn't easy. Your yachting CV will need to be attention-grabbing for all the right reasons, and dual roles themselves are very demanding as they require two very different skill sets.

Whilst yachts are continually on the lookout for crew with these impressive skills, there is no excuse for applying without a well-presented superyacht CV. It may mean the difference between walking out disappointed and walking out with your dream yacht job.


The Title — Don't use abbreviations on your superyacht CV. Potential employers will be put off if they see slapdash phrases such as Deck/Stew. It also adds an air of unprofessionalism to a yacht crew resume.

Personal Details — Make your personal details clear and concise with your date of birth, nationality, marital status, languages, availability, and anything else you deem appropriate.

Licenses/Certificates — Industry qualifications and the year in which they were acquired.

Personal Profile — This will include your career objectives and qualities. Remember to be clear and to the point, no long winded, novel-esq sentences here please.

Begin by stating what it is you are looking for e.g. 'I am looking for a position as deckhand and or stewardess…' Then list a few of your qualities backed up by experience and highlighting why you would be suitable for the role.

When talking about prior experience we suggest you separate your CV into 'Yachting Experience' and 'Employment History'. This allows your potential employer to easily find and focus on what is important to them. This is even more vital when constructing a dual role CV. It's simple, a dynamic, readable and applicable CV, will gain you that interview and potentially your dream yacht job.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do refer to your vessel as a yacht, not a boat, we are in the industry after all.

  • Don't disclose why you left your previous post, save this information for the interview if it is asked.

  • Do reserve a section at the end to tell them any interests or hobbies you may have, this will help potential employers see a piece of your personality.

  • Don't lie or stretch the truth on your CV, the truth will out in the end and lying will only harm you in the long term.

For further information on how to improve your CV and apply for yacht crew positions available, visit the YPI Crew's Publications page. Here you will find multiple guides and suggestions from YPI Crew's own Laurence Reymann, crew recruitment expert on how to make the most of your CV.

Read the full article about writing a dual role yacht CV in Issue 51 of The Crew Report.

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