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Stephanie Pickering Smadja

Engineering Recruitment Specialist

"Throughout my career, I have always loved building relationships with people and assisting them with their needs. I am committed to ensuring a seamless and successful recruitment process."

Languages Stephanie speaks:



Stéphanie Pickering Smadja, Engineering Recruitment Specialist, YPI CREW Yacht Crew Agency

With a diverse background of working and traveling across various countries, including Japan, China, and Fiji Islands, Stephanie brings a unique perspective to her role. Originally from Versailles, she spent her childhood between the south of France and Orleans before settling in the UK, where she fell in love with Liverpool.

Stephanie is fluent in both French and English, allowing her to effectively communicate and connect with candidates from diverse backgrounds. In her free time, she embraces her artistic side, finding pleasure in drawing. A true family woman, Stephanie cherishes spending weekends away with her kids and husband.

With a strong foundation in international business, Stephanie's journey in the yachting industry began when she arrived in Antibes. She worked for a ship chandler and managed a charts company, collaborating closely with captains and chief officers to provide navigation solutions for safe voyages.

What do you find most rewarding about working in yacht crew recruitment?

"My passion for recruitment lies in building meaningful relationships and assisting individuals in fulfilling their career aspirations. I am a firm believer that being part of a dedicated team can create a positive impact on people's lives."


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