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Caitlin Sorrell

Recruitment Coordinator

“Being present throughout the whole recruitment process and seeing a candidate get their dream job is one of the most rewarding things. It’s that feeling of playing such a big part in someone’s success story.”

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Caitlin Sorrell, Engineering Recruitment Coordinator, YPI CREW Yacht Crew Agency

Caitlin was born and raised in Antibes so it was only natural that she would end up in the yachting industry. She first joined YPI CREW back in 2015 as a receptionist before heading off to spend the next 6 years on board yachts as a stewardess.

When she decided to return to Antibes, YPI CREW snapped her up straight away. Caitlin's skills and experience were the perfect complement to join the Engineering Department.

When Caitlin is not in the office, she is very social and also enjoys getting away to the mountains to go hiking or snowboarding.

What do you find most rewarding about working in yacht crew recruitment?

“YPI CREW has truly shown me how far we can go and how much we can do as a team.”


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