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Antibes has long been known as one of the most popular yacht crew hubs so it doesn't come as a surprise that it features many notable crew hangouts ideal for meeting up with people from the industry.

Old town Antibes is located right next to port Vauban and is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops, all wrapped up in a lively atmosphere. You are bound to run into a familiar face as there are always yacht crew around.

Here is a list of some of the most popular yacht crew hangouts in Antibes:

Le Blue Lady

Situated in the heart of old Antibes, Blue Lady is an established yacht crew's favourite. It's a starting point for many junior crew and a settled cruising ground for the more senior crew.

Blue Lady is a great place to network and relax over a few drinks and a game of pool. It's such a popular yachtie spot that it's not at all unusual to even run into a yacht interview happening when you are there.

Be sure to also try their English pub food ranging from full English breakfast to gourmet burgers and salads.

The Hop Store

The Hop Store is an Irish Pub located just a few steps from the port Vauban and le Quai des Milliardaires. Known for its great party life, here you will always run into loads of yacht crew from all over the world.

The interior is quite recognisable with its old town arched walls, a dance floor, and a massive bar. Hop Store might not be for the more calm crew as it gets quite loud in the summer. During day time its a bit quieter with people relaxing over pints of beer in the outdoor seating area just outside the bar.

The Drinkers Club

The Drinkers Club is another yacht crew favourite as it offers a lively and engaging atmosphere and a great selection of beers and cocktails at reasonable prices. You will often find lots of people hanging out on the benches in the outdoor seating area. Since the bar is perched on a slope overlooking the market street, this is also a great place for people-watching.

Le Cafe Brun

Nestled in the heart of Antibes Old Town between the Provencal market and Port Vauban, Cafe Brun is a place where you can find a good mix of both the locals and yacht crew.

In the summer you will find people lounging outside over a chilled glass of rose or Aperol Spritz, while in the winter you can choose between the heated terrace and the cosy interior, which will make you think you are in a winter cabin by the ski slopes. If you are spending the winter in Antibes, definitely try meeting for drinks inside.

Also, don't miss out on ordering some of the delicious Mediterranean bites they offer as the food here is also really good!

An interesting fact is that Cafe Brun was created in a former boulangerie so you can still spot its original features.

The Absinthe Bar

In the heart of old Antibes, near the Provencal market, you will find this unique bar serving a variety of white, green, and premium absinthe in the traditional way. Known as the green fairy, absinthe is a highly alcoholic drink enjoyed by the likes of van Gogh and Picasso. If you are in Antibes, be sure to visit at least once!

The bar is located in an underground cellar and is decorated with bits of Roman masonry which adds to the charm. The Absinthe Bar is also known for its collection of hats that everyone can try on and pass around after a round of drinks.

Crew Houses

The Crew Houses are another good way to network in Antibes. If you are just starting out in the industry, staying in one of the crew houses is a really good way to connect with other yacht crew and really immerse yourself in the yachtie lifestyle.

Here is a list of a few notable crew houses in Antibes:

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